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Trying to remember … Did Eric ever see “ghost” Godric when he wasn’t high on Vampire/Fairy blood? Since I don’t believe the writers are particularly religious (if at all), I wonder if the visions were in fact suppose to be the spirit of Godric or only a manifestation of Eric’s (and Nora’s at the Authority Hq) own inebriated guilty conscience.

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched the old episodes. He saw him when he was high on Sookie’s blood and he was going to fry himself and Russell Edgington(sp?). But didn’t he see Godric again when he was sober and going to bury Russell alive? Was he still high that night? Ugh, I’m not sure. He and Nora saw the same vision when Lillith beheaded Godric but that could be because they have the same blood. They were high too. I think this calls for a rewatch. Are you game?